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Mobile marketing is not just another channel of communication. Mobile is becoming, as I called it, the personalized marketing channel, where brands, business and anyone who wants to market their services can provide a unique & personal, easier than ever, Mobile experience to their consumers.
Virginia lottery’s mobile marketing strategy* includes varies elements that makes it unique to its players. Its strategy includes the use of a mobile optimized website, QR codes, MMS and SMS alerts program.
Its mobile marketing goal is to reach mobile users to increase participation by adding paperless elements making user experience much easier, quicker and personal.

VA lottery Mobile site

A well optimized mobile site is a “must have” tool to drive local and mobile user. VA Lottery uses its mobile site a educational tool so customers can learn about all the different games available. Information about last winnings, retailers nearest by customer Geo-location, how to buy tickets is also available through mobile site.
Through the mobile site consumers can also register for sweepstakes that can be also shared through social channels. You also also get access to VA lotto social media sites from your mobile device

QR Codes

QR codes are being used to drive consumers to specifics area of the mobile sites where they can learn more about the games. The “gift finder” function let user find the ideal games for them, their friends and relatives. This is a unique experience VA lotto has created for mobile consumers. It gives them another option to stay engaged inside the mobile site.

Text Message Marketing

VA lotto gives consumers the opportunity to opt-in to received alerts or text messages about winning numbers, when the lotto jackpots are high, and latest news from the company. The company provides keywords for consumers to text to a short-code number. Based on the keyword used, consumers can get specific information and updates about that particular program, game or area of interest.
The use of multimedia and call to actions through the mobile experience has leverage the user response and created more consumer following over this channel.

Take Away:

VA lotto has maximized the number of consumers who interact with the company. They have properly implemented a mobile marketing strategy that attracts consumers, engage them, educate them and provide them the tools at the fingertips to leverage their experience with it.
Mobile marketing is a hot and must have channel for every local business who want to leverage their clients experience but also drive more sales through other channels:

  • QR Codes can greatly work to incentive clients, educate consumers and provide them with promotions to drive in-store sales.
  • A Mobile Optimized website can provide effective information about current offers, directions to the place and a fast way to dial in.
  • SMS/Text messaging allows the business owners build a database of people interested in promotions, offers and more and can come to the store or do any action from a message sent directly to them.
  • Open rate for text messages is 90% higher than email.
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An Optimo Mobile Marketing solution will benefit your business by bringing in more in-store sales and traffic, build a datatabe of cosnumers, send coupons to mobile users, be found on Maps and having your own Mobile website. A mobile marketing strategy may be combined with Local SEO and social media to create unique experience for consumers who are looking for your businesses and professional services.

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*Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

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