[headline style=”1″ font_size=”50″ font_font=”Arial Black” font_color=”#ff6600″ font_shadow=”dark” align=”center”]Build a 5 Star Reputation Business to drive NEW customers and double your sales[/headline]

Reputation means Everything…

Your customers are basing their purchase decision on recommendation from online reviews and their social sites’ friends. They are more interested in buying a high quality product or service with 5 start reviews than one with bad or cero reviews.

People now go online and research about your products and services before calling your business.

Have you wondered why your phone doesn’t ring anymore? … it could be due to a bad review or experience an old customer had with your business and posted it online.

Would you buy a product or service that has bad reviews and bad ratings?

It doesn’t matter if your business can be found on first page of Google for many search terms. If your business doesn’t have a good reputation, people will NOT buy from you, period!

What your target audience find online about your business along with any social recommendation will determine if a customer buys or no from you.

Optimo Reputation Marketing for your Business!

Optimo Reputation Marketing is a CORE service for any business who want to lead their offerings, services or products with a solid 5 star online/offline reputation that result in more customers and more sales.

We Build your business 5 start Reputation then we Market it online. Most companies do reputation management or monitoring but forget to market it. Your customers and their friends need to know how well your business does by marketing and exposing those 5 star reviews. This is something we personally take care very well when we Manage your reputation.

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Best part of our methodology is to Inspire your employees and Educate them on why Reputation Marketing is Vital for your business and the aspects to continue building it.

Before we conduct any effort to improve or build your online reputation, the first thing you want to do is to get your FREE Reputation Report and see for yourself how your business stands at. Then you can contact us to conduct in-depth consultation with you. We need to know if there are pressing issues affecting your image to prospects online. We will conduct initial research about your business and what types of web pages appear when prospects search your name or your company name on Google.

Get your Reputation Report Now!

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