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How Mobile Apps can drive in store traffic


Mobile marketing brings new clients

Old Navy Mobile AppsWe all know that the hardest part of marketing a service or products to bring people to the store. After someone has walked-in then it gets easier for that person make a purchase. One common way of doing it is sending out coupons through direct marketing, but let’s say it, most of us hate getting lots of junk in our mailbox. I hardly go through all of it before I trash it all. So is it direct marketing really working? Hmm…, maybe for some businesses! The reality is that mobile marketing is doing so much better than regular outboard marketing and old fashioned marketing.

Marketing through mobile offers varies of channels where a business can focus its strategy. QR codes, Geo-Targeting, mobile apps, mobile websites, text marketing, video, etc. are the most effective channels that can be used to drive in-store traffic.

Old Navy has partnered with Shopkick to reward customers walking into stores with offers and deals through mobile. they are offering $10 off of a $40 purchase and 150 shopkick rewards point for the first weekend (Nov 10-13) of partnership.

How does it work?

Having download the Shopkick app first on their mobiles, customer can walk in to Old Navy stores where the mobile apps would detect a signal which is emitted from a device locates in  each participating store, then that signal is picked up by shopper’s phone’s microphone.

Old navy recognizes that the costumer is in-store and sends the rewards called “kicks”, which can be redeemed for in-store gift cards, song downloads, movie tickets, Facebook credits and donations to 30 different causes and charities.

Mobile is a channel that allows business owners engage their customers through unique experiences and ways to reward them. It can be used to build customer loyalty, brand your business, build better social experiences for consumers, drive new clients to the business, can promote events and much more.

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An Optimo Mobile Marketing solution will benefit your business by bringing in more in-store sales and traffic, build a database of consumers, send coupons to mobile users, be found on Maps and having your own Mobile website. A mobile marketing strategy may be combined with Local SEO and social media to create unique experience for consumers who are looking for your businesses and professional services.

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*Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

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