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Why Local SEO is important for Local business Owners?

Online Local Search

The way consumers look for information about local services and products has changed dramatically in the last 5 years.

Yellow pages Book was originally the main directory for consumers find local services such as Dentist practice, car shop repairs, restaurants, veterinary clinics, lawyer office, preschools, cafes, laundry service, and much more. Consumers were able to pick up the phone, make a call and if they were lucky and the line wasn’t busy, they could talk to a representative on the phone and get what they needed.

Things have changed

Things have changed a LOT since then. A computer with access to the Internet allows consumers search for local business, professional services and even products that can be bought directly from their computers. When a prospect searches for the term “Fairfax Laundry services”, they are looking for a laundry service in Fairfax VA.

Notice all the different results that come up on the search results page? They are all the businesses available in that area. Google identify your location by your Internet service Provider IP address, then look at the search term and find all the local businesses that match the query but also, an important aspect many local businesses overlook is Google algorithm, which determine why a site rank higher than others.

Mobile Search & Geo-Targeting

Nowadays, people use their mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad) to search for geo-target local businesses. Let’s say I’m in still in Fairfax, VA hanging out with my family and wanted to know what restaurants are located neared by my location. I take my iPhone, open Google Places App on my mobile and do a search for family restaurants and choose to use my location for better match.

If your business is located in Fairfax, VA but its website is not optimized for mobile devices, nor your business has a Google places page, or any other local service listing it’s more likely that it won’t show up on the results I would get on my iPhone. In other words, you are losing good prospects, losing sales, losing money!

Local Search Battle

Currently, many local sites are battling to be at first place in local search results. Although Google Search engine still dominates the market, there are other local players such as Yelp, Foursquare, Bing for business, Yahoo Local and others that provide alternatives for consumers such as feedback and reviews.

Studies have shown that Organic search converts at higher rate than most other marketing channels. – Hubspot

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