Google Plus Page for business

Is your Local Business G+ page ready?

Google+ Page for Local Business

As you may know already, Google has released Google+ pages for local business and now your business can have its own Google+ page just like its Facebook page (Does it have Facebook page?). I know, I know and Yes! It’s another tool to include as part of your marketing strategy and efforts. It already sounds like more work, right? But before you jump into the G+ wagon, let me explain you what G+ pages for business are about and how you can leverage your social media marketing efforts with it.

Google+ is a new social network powered by Google. With already 40+ millions of users, it’s emerging as the new challenge for Facebook’s domination. Google+ for pages was released few days ago to the public so now businesses can create their own G+ page to connect with their customer, engage them, and promote content, offers, coupons and much more.

If you are ready and eager to get yours setup, below I outline 5 steps to launch your G+ page for your local business:

5 easy steps to setup your business’ Google+ page

1 To setup your own G+ page you need a valid Gmail account. I do suggest creating one for your business if it doesn’t have one, ex: and make sure your marketing team or social media team has access to it.

How to setup Google+ page for local business

2At the wizard page, select the type of business you are (Local business or place, organization, Product…) and follow the prompts and fill them out with your business information.

Screenshot Google+ Page Business information

3Get your public profile ready! Provide details about your business using the tag line, then upload your business logo or profile image.

Google+ page business tag

4Promote your page! Even though G+ page doesn’t have much than just the profile picture and a basic info about your business at this stage, Google will prompt you to share it and send the word out. Don’t do it yet. See my next step.

Google+ page business tag

5Optimize your Page: It’s imperative to optimize your G+ page for your business. Try to make additional customization, like adding picture, double your check tag line, add additional information about your business, etc.

G+ pages look similar to Facebook pages. They have a top section for images so get creative and make your page unique and stand out of the crowd. Google+ page is a great example so get inspired!

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