Main Street Businesses

Most Main street businesses such as Café Shops, Local Retail Stores, Cleaning services, Pizza Restaurants, are losing money, customer and because of the economy, they are facing hard times to stay alive. Most of these businesses are family owned, which creates a huge challenge for a family to balance out the pressure, the fair, this causes as this is the only stream of income.

The big reason why local businesses are closing their doors is because they haven’t applied the right techniques and strategies to market their products and services. How is your target niche finding you?
Did you know that 97% of consumers use Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Social Media sites such Facebook and Youtube to find services and products local businesses like yours offer? Well, Maybe you do so you have a website already but how much traffic is your site driving? Do you know how many visitors have monthly? How many become interested in your products or services? Do they become customers? How do you follow up with them? Is it really working for you? Maybe you don’t have the time to put all this techniques, strategies and ideas in place, right?

Optimo Social Marketing focuses on helping business owners like you succeed. Our affordable marketing solutions will improve your brand awareness in your community, increase your website visibility so people can find you even on Mobile phones, construct a database with all your customer and prospects contact information so they can received all your offers, coupons, and any type of communication we design with you to keep them coming back.

Our vision is to make every business in our community a story of success. With our Internet, Social & Mobile marketing solutions every main street business will have a solid online and social presence that will allow them to position their name, services, products, but the best of all impact their community by making a difference in their life.

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