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How do I get new customers and keep currents coming back?

That’s the question most Business Owners and Managers keep in their head every day! You might find your business spending a lot of money through direct mail marketing and coupons sent to unknown target neighbors without really getting an idea of how much return of your investment this will produce.

Do you know that 80% of family’s budget is being spent within 50 miles from their homes and that 82% of Internet local searchers will follow up through phone call, in-store visit, online & mobile purchases?? Is your restaurant getting more customers because of that? If no, then your business could disappear!

Optimo Social Marketing Solutions for Restaurants will make a difference in the way you serve your clients and keep them coming back to your business. We KNOW the value of a customer so we have put together a Marketing Solution Package for Restaurants that increase foot traffic to your door, values your customer’s experience. engage them and keep them coming back by giving them incentive all inside our Marketing Package. We layout different marketing strategist through the use of your Website, Social Media channels, Mobile Coupons, Social Offers and other marketing initiatives that will make your customers feel very special.

Our Relationship Marketing System for Restaurants takes care of your customers by promoting offers, coupons and social events, building trust through Social Engagement so they are confident to tell their friends about your business while they system establish ever lasting customer loyalty relations for you. It’s not about selling food or a service. It’s about the difference your restaurant can make in the life of your clients when you include Optimo Marketing solutions as part of your great menu.

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