Business Solutions

Cross Channel Marketing Solutions will improve customer acquisition, increase follow up and engagement, build trust while positioning your brand.

Current Market Facts

More than 80% of sales are getting lost due to lack of follow up. Only 30% of sales people would follow up with prospects 2 – 3 times more.

There will be over 6 billion globally mobile subscribers by the end of 2012. This is over %80 of world population (international telecommunication union)

78% of consumers are using 2 or more communication channels before making a buying decision. Only 30% use 3 or more channels.

The Question

What if your business can have a system that captures 5 times more high qualified leads, follow up and engage them through varies communication channels such as SMS, email, broadcasted voice mail, teleseminars, webinars, direct mail that will allow you to build trust while positioning your business, so your prospects can easily buy your products and services?

Are your current marketing efforts generating enough reveneu? Will they work in few months from now?

The Solution

Optimo Social Marketing is a one of the few local marketing agencies in the US providing Cross channel marketing solutions to local, small and medium size businesses in the DC area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Its main focus is to help businesses overcome the lack of generating high qualified leads, track them, engage them and follow up with them over varies marketing channels to create a highly paid relationship with your business:  ready to buy no only once, but multiple times. That will skyrocket your business sales and increase your ROI while having new more customer knocking the door for more.

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